Sunday, November 13, 2016

This Week in 4-1 Nov 14-18

It was wonderful to meet with you last week. I know there was a lot of things discussed in a short amount of time so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Quick Notes 

  • Field trip to Orchestra Hall and the Minneapolis Institute of Art is coming up soon. Please see the attached sheet from Mrs. Bray and Mrs. Olaussen for information and chaperone opportunity. 
  • Parent Resource List is also attached 
Monday, Day 2 - Media
Tuesday Day 3 - PE
Wednesday, Day 4 - Music
Thursday, Day 5 - Art/Media Split (return library books)
Friday, Day 6 - PE/Media Split

Unit 4 - Triangles and Polygons. (We flip-flopped Unit 3 and 4) Depending on the pretest, you should see some or all of the following "I can" statements. I can name and measure angles. I can demonstrate rotational symmetry. I can name triangles. I can use the diagonal of a parallelogram to make congruent triangles. I can find the area and perimeter of triangles. I can identify polygons and find their perimeter. I can rotate, translate, and reflect figures.
How you can help: Remind students to bring their packets to school everyday and continue to check progress on Schoology. Schoology Intro

Language Arts
Unit 3, Week 2, I have to admit that week 2 is almost always my favorite week of each unit. I love the opportunity to explore different genres. This week it is historical fiction.
How you can help: Encourage reading at home and logging minutes each day in the planner. Have your child show you where they are noting the features of genres in their planners.

Word Study/Spelling
Week 9 is words with oy/oi and ou/ow words. To get to Spelling City to practice go to
How you can help: Practice poison, counter, trouble, avoid, allow, loyal, thousand, double.

Social Studies 
We will begin the tour of our regions this week. Chapter 4 - A Train Tour of the Northeast. We will make stops in West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Mount Washington, Plymouth, Boston, Erie Canal, Hershey, New York City, and Washington, DC.
How you can help: Help your child think like a geographer, historian, political scientist, and economist as we discuss each stop.

It's going to be a great week!

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